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Deshen Sana Negipang

(Farmer & Founder )

(Owner - Negi Orchard Pooh)

Meet one of the co-founders of KinnaurApple.com, a visionary in horticulture and agriculture. With a B.Tech in EEE from Chandigarh University, Punjab, she has embarked on a journey to follow her childhood passion and thrive in the world of farming.

Breaking societal norms, she has established orchards in her native place, Pooh (Kinnaur), where she personally grafts new varieties of apples. Not limited to just apples, she cultivates a diverse range of exotic vegetables, almonds, walnuts, and beautiful flowers.

Her commitment to sustainable farming practices is commendable, as she firmly believes in cultivating her produce without the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides.

Her ultimate vision is to provide everyone with access to the wholesome and high-quality produce from her farm, all at fair and reasonable prices.

Sandup Negipang

(Farmer & Founder )

(Owner - Negi Orchard Pooh)

Meet Sandup Negipang, one of the co-founders of KinnaurApple.com. A graduate from Thapar University, Patiala, Sandup is driven by a clear and noble mission – to eliminate all middlemen and create a direct and mutually beneficial link between farmers and consumers.

His passion for horticulture and agriculture led him to cultivate orchards in his hometown of Pooh (Kinnaur), where he takes personal care in diverse and unique varieties of apples.

Sandup firmly believes in sustainable and eco-friendly farming practices, ensuring that the produce from his farm is of the highest quality, free from harmful chemicals and pesticides.

His ultimate goal is to make a positive impact on both farmers and consumers. By cutting out the middlemen, he aims to offer farm-fresh produce at fair and competitive prices, benefiting both the hardworking farmers and the health-conscious consumers.

With his unwavering dedication, Sandup is at the forefront of revolutionizing the farming industry and creating a direct, transparent, and mutually beneficial relationship between those who sow the seeds and those who enjoy the harvest.

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